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Let Your Ideas Breathe | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on January 26, 2017


Last week we talked about letting your imagination run to help grow and develop your business in new ways. But this week we want to encourage you to take it a step farther.

When’s the last time you shared an idea with someone? One of those ideas that we talked about putting up on the board. One of your dreaming big, letting-your-imagination-run-with-the-dinosaurs, seems-too-big-to-accomplish ideas?

If you’re not quick to share your ideas, there’s nothing wrong with you, but you may be missing out on potential connections that could help you accomplish your goals.

One company started to put their ideas like we talked about last week up onto a board in their lobby as a way to do exactly that. One employee came up with the idea that she wanted to see their company featured on every Starbucks cup sleeve. Seems like an audacious, if not improbable goal, right? But she put it up on the board.  It wasn’t too long before someone who came into their business saw the idea on the board, and had a connection that helped make it an actual reality.

Before they knew it, the company was featured on every Starbucks cup sleeve, just as the dream had been written on the board.

Part of sharing our ideas is the fear that someone will steal it, and use it without us. However, when we keep our ideas to ourselves, we miss out on feedback that may make those ideas better, or brainstorming that they may spur. We miss out on potential connections that may actually make our big ideas happen, or open up other doors of opportunity. And lastly, we don’t have any accountability for our ideas then. It’s far too easy to let our ideas fall through the cracks without any action spent on them if we don’t share them and don’t spend the time and investment in making avenues for our audacious dreams to happen.

It’s a hard thing for us to learn in our competitive, capitalistic culture, but collaboration can open doors we never thought would be possible.

Give your ideas some air time this week. Share them around. See what happens. And you can comment on our Facebook page to let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear!


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