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Let Your Imagination Run (With The Dinosaurs) – Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on January 19, 2017


How would you run your insurance business if your funds, connections, resources and time were unlimited? How would you market yourself as an insurance agent? How would you network? How would you conduct business? How would you develop relationships with insurance wholesalers and carriers?

These may seem like pointless questions because you might be thinking: But, I don’t have unlimited X, Y, and Z. I have this much right here and it’s not enough to change anything.

Many years ago, I was on a board that had the dream of opening a youth center in our town as there wasn’t any place in the area that welcomed the teens and made a place for them after school. We sat down with several groups of teens over the course of a year while we were bidding and securing a building for the youth center.

We asked them one question every time: If this place that we’re building could have anything you could wish for or imagine, what would you want it to have or do?

We wrote their suggestions up on a white board in front of them each time, and inevitably, someone would ask for a dinosaur to ride on or some other fantastical item, and another student would shush them. “Don’t be an idiot. We can’t have a dinosaur,” they’d say to him or her.

The head of the board’s response was always the same. “No, no. If you legitimately would want a dinosaur in this youth center, we’ll put it on the board. Don’t take this too lightly and be silly, but don’t be afraid to let your imagination run.”

I always was impressed by this. My urge, like the kids’ peers, was to say “A dinosaur is not going to happen. We’re not writing that on the board.” But because of the leadership in place, those suggestions were encouraged. Which was good.

Every time we did this, within about 10-15 minutes of fantastical, unattainable ideas like this, we’d start to get to the meat of what they’d really want.

“What if we had a coffee shop in it?”
“What if we could play basketball there?”
“I want to have concerts there.”
“Could there be computers for homework?”
“I just want to play video games.”
“What if we had this huge room where we could play games?”
“I want to meet a professional athlete there.”
“I want hot pockets.”
“I want to have a huge slide that goes from the ceiling to the floor. Or a dinosaur who I can slide down the same way.”

In the end, their imaginations running rampant gave us the suggestions that helped build a youth center that is still open and relevant almost a decade later. They even have a football signed by Aaron Rodgers on display that he donated himself. They have brought in huge inflatable slides for special events that are almost as tall as the ceiling. They still do not have a dinosaur, but maybe one day.

Sometimes we have to silence our own critical thinking and doubts to let our imagination run, but it’s a key part of business development.

When’s the last time you sat down and dreamed up ways you could better your insurance business if you had no limitations? When’s the last time you let your business mind do the important work of imagining? If it’s been a while, schedule in a dreaming session for yourself in the next week. Let yourself dream about dinosaurs, and and everything that follows. Write it all down. See what sticks. Then go for it.



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