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Meet Your Abram Team Members: Audrey

Published on August 13, 2015

IMG_0097 (4)Meet Audrey.

Don’t let the saintliness of the name fool you.  A pint sized pistol is the best way to describe this Personal Lines account manager.  She can whip up a batch of cookies for a class of 50 toddlers and bring you down a peg or two in just one quick swirl of the spatula. Being around her for a short time will leave you with no doubts about how much she loves her family and how much care she puts into the work she does.

Audrey knows her stuff, and you will too after a chat with our longest standing employee. She brings in insight and some fun memories of how the Abram business has changed over the course of its many years. And those of you who’ve been with us forever, chances are she knows of you too.  Bring on the questions and get ready for a snack because Audrey will have you coming back for more.

Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc. is a California wholesale insurance broker (CMGA) that has licensing and expertise to place business in both admitted and non-admitted markets for Personal Lines Insurance, Commercial Lines Insurance, and Agribusiness Insurance in California and surrounding areas.

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