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Meet Your Abram Team Members: Chris

Published on March 17, 2016

Chris Perry, Director of Communications


Chris joined the Abram Team last year to further our efforts to keep our business flow as fluid as possible. She is one of the lovely voices you’ll hear when you call our office, because it’s a priority to us that you don’t have to go through an automated system to get help. In addition to fielding your calls and questions, Chris also helps our account managers and other staff keep up to date on steps needed on all of our account, policies, and agent needs.

Chris has prior work experience in accounting, payroll, and human services, and the expertise she’s gleaned from those past positions is a gift to our team and to you, our agents.

Something interesting about Chris is that she actually went back to school 10 years ago and became a pastry chef and opened and ran her own bakery. Though she no longer bakes on a professional level, she enjoys doing it in her spare time. She also plays tennis on a regular bases (by which we mean up to 5 times a week!).

Do you have a baking recipe or tennis thought to share with Chris? Comment on our Facebook profile or our LinkedIn Page! She’d love to hear from you!

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