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Meet Your Abram Team : Rebekka

Published on January 21, 2016


Rebekka Fox, Accounting

Rebekka joined our accounting department in the past year and she brings with her not just her solid skill with numbers but also a life full of growing experience.

When her children were younger she stayed at home with them. After that Rebekka worked for several years in interior design and sales, and in starting to work for her previous employer, Rebekka jokes that she “fell into accounting.”  As she worked there and learned the accounting trade she discovered a rare gem inside herself that most of us can never find — a love accounting. Realizing this, Rebekka decided to go back to school to study accounting and to further her career opportunities. We’re glad to be a part of her doing what she loves and helping our team at Abram Interstate (and you by proxy) while she’s at it.

Rebekka practices yoga, loves reading, and can often be found hiking, biking along the river, swimming, or on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

She also got married this last year and the day after her and her husband said, “I do,” the whole family went sky diving together. Did we mention she’s full of life experiences?

To share your favorite NorCal bike trails or ideas for more adventures with Rebekka, comment on our Facebook page!

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