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New Entertainment Trend On The Rise | Paint & Sip Insurance Product Highlight

Published on September 25, 2017

paint & sip wholesale commercial insurance

Enter the semi-new phenomenon of “Paint & Sip” venues.

Couples go there on date nights. Friends go together for a fun night out. Even families enjoy this unique rising trend for evening fun (if everyone is 21+).

You show up and an instructor walks you through how to paint the model art piece for the evening, and you get to drink alcoholic beverages while you try to cultivate your creative side. While these sort of venues were nearly unheard of 5 years ago, now they’re popping up all around.

Sometimes they are permanent paint & sip businesses – such as the burgeoning chain Pinot’s Palette (which grew most in CA over any other state in 2016).

Sometimes art studios, art galleries, wineries, and community centers will put paint and sip nights together as a one-off special event.

A Forbes article from 2015 describes the growing business as

a real party atmosphere. This business idea also feeds into Americans’ insatiable desire to find something different, affordable, and enjoyable to do with their friends, family, or co-workers.

What is this business? Welcome to the world of “paint ‘n’ sip.”

And, like any other growing business – they need insurance, and they need an insurance agent that knows where to get them the proper coverage.

Paint & Sip Insurance Product Highlights & Apps:

General Liability & Property Coverage

Liquor Liability Coverage

  • Coverage available for licensed and non-licensed operations.
  • Defense cost is offered outside of the limit
  • Assault & Battery coverage is available up to full limits
    • For Licensed Operations — Quote the Liquor Liability Portion HERE
    • For Unlicensed Operations — No separate app is required
  • Note: BYOB exposures do not qualify
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