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New to the Farm: Getting your customers the right Wholesale Farm Insurance

Published on February 19, 2014

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Agribusiness insurance can be a tricky thing for your customers who are new to running a small farm business.  In California especially, agriculture is a huge business, and hobby farms, ranches, wineries, vineyards, and other small farm operations constitute a vibrant and important part of our economy.

We want you to be well equipped to not just get them the coverage they need, but to help them figure out what that is.  We provide the coverage, and here’s some info to help you know more about it. So we can help you, and you can help them.

The purpose of farm insurance is to protect your client against losses  through the following types of Farm Insurance coverages among others.

*Your customer’s individual policy may vary, but this is meant to give you a general idea of what to consider.

Abram Interstate Insurance has Wholesale Farm & Ranch Insurance Packages and Agribusiness insurance for the following:

  • Farm/Ranch Package – Property & Liability coverage for working horse, cattle and crop farms. This includes the insured’s dwelling(s), barns, outbuildings, machinery, hay, tack and other similar items.
  • Commercial & Personal Equine Liability – Boarding, breeding, training, lessons, clinics, sales or personally owned horses.
  • Care, Custody, Control – protects the Insured for injury or death to a non-owned horse while in their care. This coverage can be included as part of the farm/ranch package policy.
  • Excess/Umbrella – Increased liability limits are available on this policy.
  • Business Auto – Coverage for the insured’s automobiles. Available only if the supporting farm/ranch package is written by the carrier.

One of the first things your prospective customer needs to figure out is whether their operation is actually a hobby farm.  While this may seem obvious, the growing number of hobby and small ops throughout the state may include your Aunt Jane who is raising vegetables and selling them at a road stand each summer, or your brother George who’s becoming a self-proclaimed expert garage wine-maker. With more folks retiring each year, these type of ventures are also increasing.

While some of those ventures may be covered under their existing homeowner’s insurance policy, that is something they need to investigate and be sure of with their insurance agent they used for that policy (hopefully that’s you, too!).   You can encourage those prospective customers who are just starting their small farm operation to create a clear statement of what they produce, how much, and whether it is sold so that you can (or their homeowner’s agent can) determine if their homeowner’s policy will insure those risks.

Secondly, encourage your prospective customers to make a list identifying all of the operations that will take place on the hobby farm. Only through properly identifying these operations can we make sure the farm gets the proper insurance it needs.

For example:

  • Will crops be grown?
  • Will livestock be raised?
  • Will products from the farm be sold directly to the public?
  • Will employees work on the farm?
  • Will equipment be used?
  • Will children or visitors visit the farm?
  • Will animals be boarded for others?
  • Will equipment be leased?
  • Will land be rented?
  • Will buildings be used in farm operations?


Once your customer has a clear plan and statement of operations in place, it’s time to find the right coverage for them!  That’s where we come in.  Have a Farm/Ranch risk?  Give us a call at 916-780-7000. Or if you already know what you need, you can download and submit applications for your agribusiness insurance needs below!



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