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California Wine Industry sets New Records | Winery & Vineyard Insurance Highlight

Published on March 7, 2017

As 2016 wrapped up another year of California drought (though those days seem over for now), the agribusiness sector was working to make ends meet — except for one industry that kept booming– Wine.


In 2016, the wine industry set a new record high in exports, and California wines led the pack.

According to a recent article by the L.A. Times, the industry grew to a record of $1.62 billion in foreign trade revenue. The article is clear that California’s vineyards and wineries had a huge roll to play in this growth:

Overall, California wine exports grew about 78% as the state and its tourism promoters have cemented the Golden State as a chic label unto itself.

Part of the growth of the industry isn’t necessarily more wine, but higher quality, and higher priced wine coming out of the Golden State.  One interviewee in the article put it this way: “California wines are well positioned for this trend — our vintners are offering quality, value, diverse styles and environmental stewardship in their winemaking.”

Put quantity does still play a roll as far as we’re concerned: According to a report released by the Wine Institute (based in California), California wines made up approximately 90% of the 49.5 million cases of U.S. wine sold in 2016.

 But if the past two months have shown us anything, it’s that weather and other factors can always pose a risk to success, and winery and vineyard owners are aware, perhaps more now than last year, that their agribusiness needs insurance.

You can be the insurance agent who helps secure the boutique winery and vineyard insurance they need.

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