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1 Tip to Finding Talent for Your Business | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on September 22, 2016

Today, many of our insurance agents are faced with thinking about the next generation of their business. For a business to grow and flourish, it’s necessary to bring in new talent to sustain and expand. However, in the case of many of you, a rural factor makes it hard to draw fresh new talent to your doors without a big driving city to supply that talent or lure it in. So how do you continue to sustain, grow, and expand while bringing fresh talent to your insurance business table?origin_9573831826

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This article by Caitlin Bronson posted on the Insurance Business America website speaks directly to this ever increasing challenge for Independent Insurance Agents in California.

Next Generation: Dealing with the rural factor

When Insurance Business America asked readers their biggest challenge in recruiting young talent, nearly 10% of respondents said the answer could be boiled down to the old real estate motto: location, location, location.

These small-to-midsize agencies say that as a rural, small town operation, they lack the appeal of an agency in a big city like Boston or New York. Consequently, they have an added layer of difficulty in finding new hires—especially those coming straight out of a four-year university or RMI program.

To combat that problem, Dottie Chalmers Cutter—vice president of operations at Chalmers Insurance Group in Bridgton, Maine—started to shift her gaze toward those even younger.

“Where I think I’ve been most successful is in building a great relationship with our local high schools, including one that is my alma mater,” Chalmers Cutter says. “I sent out letters to all the business teachers in the area asking if they would be interested in my coming in and doing a presentation on insurance as a career opportunity. Students have come up to me afterward and asked to intern, and that’s just the result of a simple presentation.”

Chalmers Cutter has since gotten involved with Project InVEST, a 501(c)(3) that promotes insurance literacy and career awareness in high schools, and seven employees with her agency are a direct result of her participation in the program.

Many high school and college students fall into career paths where they happen to get experience along the way. If you show up, do presentations, make yourself known, make your agency open, and be willing to train potential employees who don’t have prior experience, you can end up with talent on your team that you never would’ve had before. It’s not always about where you are — it’s about who you know. So make yourself known to the future and current work forces of your town and surrounding area.

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