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Why our non-admitted markets are good for you

Published on May 20, 2014

Reasons you should bind homeowners insurance policies, dwelling fire insurance policies, and more with our non-admitted markets for personal lines:

1. We have an awesome incentive program right now through the end of May!  It’s not too late to start and still get great rewards!  You just need to bind 3 qualifying policies before May 31 and you’ll earn $100. Or, if you’re ambitious, bind even more! We’re giving away $100 for EVERY 3 qualifying policies during the incentive period. BUT, you do have to Opt-In to qualify. Get all the details and Opt-in HERE.

2. We have great markets! Hard to place. High Value. Coastal. Older homes. Mobile Homes. and much, much more!

3. WE DON’T REQUIRE YOU TO FILL OUT AN SL-2 FORM! (For personal lines only). We know this can be daunting, and is one of the biggest reasons insurance agents avoid non-admitted markets. We make it easy on you by waiving this requirement. Seriously.

4. You can Rate them online! Personal Rating Programs

So send in your submissions today.


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