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Olympic-Sized Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on August 11, 2016


Every four years the world turns their attention to the best of the best, watching the Summer Olympic athletes compete for the metals. It’s a time where history is made with the world watching. This year, USA’s swimmer Michael Phelps continues to add gold metals to his collection at what mere years ago would’ve seemed unbelievable. USA gymnast Simone Biles is nearly unbeatable in event after event. On her beam ritual she has a dismount that is being declared “the hardest dismount in the world” — and she’s the only one who does it.

What does that have to do with you and other Insurance Agents? There’s a lot to be learned about leadership and business from the best athletes in the world. Refresh Leadership points out one of the biggest tips you can implement:

Be innovative.

In today’s marketplace, business leaders are coming up with new ideas, services, and products at an exponential rate, bent on providing consumers with tangible and nontangible items that no one has made available before. These innovators understand that one of the most effective ways to curb the competition is to do things no one else is doing.

At the first Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece, in 776 BC, Coroebus of Elis won The Stadion race, running 192 meters to become the first Olympic champion in history, solidifying himself as the first in a long, tradition-rich line of elite athletes. Not much is known about Coroebus of Elis, but his legacy has lived on through being the first to achieve Olympian status. Another innovative Olympian was American golfer Margaret Abbott. The 1900 Paris Olympic Games were the first to include women, whereas Abbott was one of only 22 female athletes across all sports. She went on to shoot a 47 in nine holes achieving first place. Although she wasn’t clear at the time if the competition was a part of the Paris games, the Olympic Committee posthumously awarded her a gold medal, making Abbott the first U.S. female Olympic champion.

As a leader, to go where no one has been, you must first pave the way by doing what no one else has done. Whether by creating a product or service currently unavailable or setting higher ethical standards within your company, innovation is at the heart of successful leadership. Regardless of your industry, proactively seek new opportunities instead of reactively trying to keep up with the rest of the field.

Some of the ways you can stand out and be innovative in the Independent Insurance Agency crowd:

  • Target Marketing for new business for a specific product
  • Incentive programs for loyal customers and customer referrals
  • An ability and willingness to write admitted and non-admitted business to provide a broader range of appropriate coverage that really meets your clients needs
  • Sending Thank You notes
  • Any other innovative ideas you can think of. What do you do to put you a step in front of the crowd? Share it with us on our Facebook Page or our LinkedIn Page.

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