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How to Prevent Burnout Part 1 | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on November 10, 2016

A Gallup poll from 2012 revealed that 87 percent of employees are “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” from their jobs worldwide. This means that, on average, burnt out employees outnumber the engaged employees 2 to 1.

This is a staggering statistic, but unfortunately, not a surprising one.

Burnout is a threat to anyone in business, and at this time of year, when the holidays are coming, kids are in school and sports, and everyone is vying for your energy and attention, the risk of feeling on the verge of burn out runs high. No matter if you own your own insurance agency, or just work for one — the first step to bettering your business is taking care of yourself.
The folks over at 99U.com have compiled a list of ways to avoid Burnout. This week and next week, as we approach Thanksgiving and the official craze of the holiday season, we’re going to be sharing out favorites with you.

Take some time to see if you should and can implement some of these this week.

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Traditional theories teach us that burnout is caused by working too many hours or enduring too much stress, but that’s a gross oversimplification of the matter. Not every person feels overwhelmed at the thought of delving into an inbox 96 new emails deep, and some people actually rely on pressure at work to perform at a high level.

There’s also no one-size-fits-all cure for burnout: Some people reach for junk food when stressed, while others may find themselves unable to sleep properly. Here are our favorites to help you create your own escape plan:

1. Figure out which kind of burnout you have.

The Association for Psychological Science found that burnout comes in three different types, and each one needs a different solution:

1. Overload: The frenetic employee who works toward success until exhaustion, is most closely related to emotional venting. These individuals might try to cope with their stress by complaining about the organizational hierarchy at work, feeling as though it imposes limits on their goals and ambitions. That coping strategy, unsurprisingly, seems to lead to a stress overload and a tendency to throw in the towel.

2. Lack of Development: Most closely associated with an avoidance coping strategy. These under-challenged workers tend to manage stress by distancing themselves from work, a strategy that leads to depersonalization and cynicism — a harbinger for burning out and packing up shop.

3. Neglect: Seems to stem from a coping strategy based on giving up in the face of stress. Even though these individuals want to achieve a certain goal, they lack the motivation to plow through barriers to get to it.

 2. Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

For real recovery and prevention to happen, you need to find the real, deeper issue behind why you’re burnt out:

Instead of overreacting to the blip, step back from it, see it as an incident instead of an indictment, and then examine it like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues.

For example, you could ask yourself: What happened before the slip? Did I encounter a specific trigger event such as a last-minute client request? Was there an unusual circumstance such as sickness? When did I first notice the reversion in my behavior? Is some part of this routine unsustainable and if so, how could I adjust it to make it more realistic?

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