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4 New Years Resolutions for Insurance Agents | Business Tips

Published on December 29, 2016

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of another year. Hopefully you had many wins this year, and that you learned something from the losses that came your way.

Now is the time to look backward to evaluate how things went for your insurance business in 2016, and look forward to how you would like to set yourself off on the next year’s adventure as an Insurance Agent in 2017.

For small business owners like yourself, these last few days of the year are a good chance to sit down and commit to some New Year’s Resolutions for your Insurance Agency.

Here’s 4 New Years Resolutions to help you better your Agency in 2017:

1. Refresh Your Website/Web Presence

Your company’s website is your digital storefront, and you should treat it with as much care as you would a brick and mortar store location. You wouldn’t settle for errors in your store signage, so why tolerate them in your web content writing? Take an objective look at your existing website — are there calls to action included in the copy? Are relevant SEO keywords integrated when possible, so search engines can find you? Think of your web content writing as your sales pitch to clients and customers…would you make a purchase from your website? (Source: The Content Factory)

2. Take Time Off

Professional and personal lives are merging. Take one vacation of seven days or longer this year without the work computer. Go at least one day this year without using the work cell phone. It takes planning in advance, but the studies all point toward heightened productivity and creativity upon return when you’re able to take time off from work.

3. Learn Something New

Make a commitment to learning more about your industry, about a product, about being a small business owner, about Networking or marketing, or anything that will help you in business. Read a book. Subscribe to a podcast. Attend a seminar. Commit to seeking out these opportunities and participating in at least one.

4. Make Hard Decisions

f you’ve been putting off any difficult decisions for your business, now is the time to make them. Is there an employee that’s just not working out for your business? It’s best to let them go before the situation gets worse. Do you need to take out a new term loan to help your business expand? Now is the time to start shopping around at different banks and lenders. Is a new product just not generating the revenue you expected? It may be the time to revamp it or get rid of it. Part of being a successful business owner or entrepreneur is facing these challenging issues as they arise and making honest, thoughtful decisions for the betterment of your business. (Source: Value Penguin)

At Abram Interstate, we care about our Insurance Agents and we want to see them succeed, so we encourage you to take some time and write out some of your own commitments or goals for the coming year. And let us know how we can help!

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