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Safety tips for Auto Repair Shop owners (and insurance for them too)

Published on November 18, 2014

We have the insurance market for auto repair shops that your customers need, but now here’s some safety tips you can pass on to them too.


Auto Service Checklist

Auto shop owners: Use this checklist to double check your operations to make sure you’re protecting your property and your customers as best as you can.


  • Are sidewalks and parking lots in good condition?
  • Are utilities (gas meters, electric transformers, etc.) protected with physical barriers?
  • Are procedures in place for the prompt removal of ice and snow?
  • Are the parking and vehicle storage areas fenced, with “No Trespassing” signs posted?
  • Do you have surveillance equipment to monitor exterior grounds? Is it recorded?
  • Is dusk-to-dawn lighting provided for the exterior of the building(s) and vehicle storage area(s)?
  • Are signs clearly posted indicating where tilt-bed and tow truck drivers should unload any damaged or disabled vehicles during non-business hours?
  • Are dogs housed on-site or utilized for security?


  • Are “Authorized Personnel Only” or “Employee Only” signs posted at entrances to restricted areas?
  • Are all open pits protected by temporary guard railings or nets, with signs posted warning of potential hazards?
  • Are “wet floor” signs used in recently cleaned areas?
  • If you have coffee machines, are signs posted asking customers not to operate them?
  • If a children’s play area is provided, are all toys in good condition and free of small parts that could be pulled off and swallowed?


  • Do you let customers drive their own vehicles into repair bays? If so, are customers required to remain inside the vehicle while it is being serviced?
  • Are delivery personnel clearly directed to areas that have been designated specifically for the loading and unloading of shipments?
  • Are signs posted in reception and customer waiting areas stating you will “assume no responsibility for any items left inside vehicles dropped off for service or repair?”
  • Have key control procedures been established and proper training provided to employees?
    Are all keys (customer and company vehicles) stored in a secure location overnight?

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Insurance Agents — Check out the Market:

Wholesale Auto Repair Shop Insurance

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  • This guide is a fantastic resource to assist you when asking your prospects for information about their business.  Please keep in mind that not all risks will be eligible for the Travelers Select program and we may offer an alternative market if available.
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