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Secret world of annuities

Published on April 3, 2013

In a volatile economy, cutting back on certain expenses is a necessary evil. However, most individuals and families make the mistake of cutting back on vital insurance when there is a need for belt tightening. Many of these people may feel that they are stuck paying outrageous premiums for lackluster service. They may feel that insurance rates are non-negotiable and the company has all of the power in the situation.


Most of these people have not checked the programs available at Abram Interstate Insurance.


Abram Interstate Insurance specializes in P&C insurance packages for all situations. Whether you are looking for commercial lines insurance or insurance to protect your person, Abram Interstate Insurance has the package that you are looking for at the price that you will love.


Abram has insurance packages for life insurance, business insurance and personal insurance. Whether you are looking for a term policy to protect yourself on a short excursion or an annuity to protect your assets from Uncle Sam with a tax deferred way to save, Abram is the one stop shop for all of your insurance needs.


Abram also has many business insurance programs with special contracts for different industries. Very few companies are able to modify their negotiations to fit the business in front of them; however, this is exactly what separates Abram from the rest of the pack in the insurance business. We pride ourselves on being able to serve our customers with a personal touch.


Not only can you obtain insurance for all of your business, life and personal needs, but you can also bundle the packages in order to save money. Abram has some of the best rates on the market when it comes to all-encompassing insurance packages that will protect you in all aspects of your life. Most importantly, you will not have to give up any protection just because you are paying less.


If you feel as though you are stuck behind the eight ball when it comes to insurance, make sure to give Abram Interstate Insurance a call or an email as soon as you can.