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Spot Burnout (and recover from it) – Advice for the Insurance Agent

Published on September 9, 2014

To follow up on our post last week on ways to avoid burnout, now what to do if you’re already feeling burnt out?

It’s common knowledge that working too long and too hard without the breaks needed can cause burnout for everyone from artists to businessmen and businesswomen, and insurance agents are not immune. Burnout is a disease that not only feels like it kills your soul a little bit, but it can also cost you and your company money, time, and ultimately, a loss of talent.

Are you dreading work? Living for the weekend? Do you even remember those days when you started out and felt like you had the world at your fingertips? Knowing how to spot burnout in your own life and in your employees can help you avoid it before it’s too far developed. We want to help you spot the burnout in your life, and to learn how to recover.


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Creative Boom provides us with the stages of burnout recovery:

Recovery Stage One: Be pro-active
Burnout is often the result of issues in the workplace or problems with clients. In which case, be pro-active and make the necessary changes to improve the situation. You’ll feel much better if you actually do something about it, rather than allowing things to get worse.

Recovery Stage Two: Find support
Burnout can make you isolate yourself from the world. But instead of hiding under your duvet, turn to family and friends for support. Don’t be ashamed to admit that you’re suffering and share your problems with loved ones.

Recovery Stage Three: Reassess your life
Burnout can offer a silver lining by encouraging you to reassess your life in general. It can help you to reevaluate your goals, priorities, hopes and dreams. It can make you discover what does and doesn’t make you happy and help you take positive steps towards a better existence.

Too often, burnout can be productivity killing and energy sucking, making you almost debilitated for a short amount of time. Occasionally, though, untreated, it can hinder your ability to perform with the talent you once had indefinitely. Knowing what to look for and knowing how to address burnout are crucial steps to continually being a productive asset to your company and to be satisfied with your own ability to do good work. Knowing how to spot these signs, how to cope, and even ways to avoid burnout can help you stay on top of your game and re-ignite some of that young-gun passion you once had.

Explore more tips to recognize, prevent, and recover from burn out on Creative Boom.

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