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Success Comes Easier When You Have a Supportive Team

Published on August 15, 2013

At Abram Interstate Insurance Services, Inc., our employees recently participated in a team training and team building day.  That’s one of the unique things about our company — we’re not only committed to a great end-product — we are committed to being a team who works together, and who works with you.  As we spent some of our time that day at a ropes course, many of us were out of our comfort zones and were being challenged to new heights — literally!

It was an incredible atmosphere and experience to learn about team support. Below you can watch one of our sales and marketing coordinators, Angie Vasquez, as she makes “The Leap”… something that was outside of her comfort zone, but that she wanted to try. It was amazing to see her do something scary and new with the support of her team to encourage her along the way.  It became obvious that as we’re supporting each other, our individual victories become our shared victories.



We’d love to partner with you in this same way.

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