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1 (Easy!) Step to Boost Productivity | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 13, 2017

It might sound improbable to say that setting aside time each week to stop doing tasks could actually make you more productive. But hear us out. Building a regular weekly review into your regime can give you the kind of focus and big-picture orientation that will actually free up your time and help you to more efficiently work toward and meet your more »

How People Waste the Most Productive 2 Hours of Their Day

Published on October 6, 2016

What’s the first thing you do every morning? If you check your smart phone or computer within 15 minutes of waking up, then you’re not alone. A study from IDC Research found that 80% of people between the ages of 18-44 check their mobile devices within those first 15 minutes of awake time. I once had a roommate who would check her blackberry more »

Master Your Emails | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 21, 2016

Do you feel like reading and answering emails is all you do some days? Does it ever get overwhelming and you can’t seem to get to them all? I used to work with a man who scoffed at my (thousands) of unopened emails on my personal email account. It’s a gmail account that I had my work email connected to at the time. I always opened the emails more »

Having a vision in Business: What are you working toward?

Published on July 24, 2014

What are you working toward? In Haiti, as in many developing countries and cultures, it is common to take one day at a time. There is not a culture of dreaming, of planning and working toward betterment of living conditions, because the tyranny of the urgent runs the place. Questions like “Will there be enough clean water for another day?” more »

Why Customer Service Matters

Published on May 14, 2014

I was standing on a hard tile floor when I went to pull my iPhone out of my pocket and my hand fumbled. I had just taken my falling-apart protective case off of it a few days prior and it was now naked, and fully made of glass. As my phone fell, I grabbed for it, tipping it one way, my foot went out, some-what kicking it, but neither action stopped more »