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Cyber Breaches in Small Businesses| Cyber Liability Insurance Product Highlight

Published on September 13, 2016

photo credit: La città del domani 2 via photopin (license) As our society moves forward with technology, we find a greater ease of use. It’s easier to stay connected, but we also find ourselves with a much higher potential for being exposed or breached in harmful ways. With these technological advances happening, your customer, now more than more »

Did you Know? | Incentive Product Highlight: Apartments

Published on August 2, 2016

Did you know? The last U.S. Census (2010) showed that there were almost 27 million rental housing structures with 2-50+ units in the country. UNITS IN STRUCTURE 2 to 4 units 8,347,000 5 to 9 units 5,515,000 10 to 19 units 5,240,000 20 to 49 units 3,707,000 50 or more units 3,905,000 16.8% of California’s population more »

California has the biggest need for Lawn Care Insurance in Country

Published on June 21, 2016

photo credit: a trim off the top via photopin (license) As the most populated state, it’s no surprise that California is home to many people, parks, and businesses that care to keep the greenery in shape in their yards and land. And many of those people hire someone to come and do their lawn care, tree trimming, and other mow-and-blow type maintenance more »

When Venues Close (& Other Times Wedding Insurance Helps)

Published on June 14, 2016

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News Many brides and grooms are beginning to use wedding insurance to make sure they are covered for their big day, but still the numbers of those who use it are STRIKINGLY low. For a really small add-on to their wedding budget, your customers could have so much more peace of mind in knowing that if things go wrong, they more »

More Renters = More Apartment Building Insurance Needs

Published on January 5, 2016

photo credit: Apartments! (Park View Apartments, 25th Avenue and Fulton Street) via photopin (license) The new movie The Big Short that came out over Christmas once again draws our eye to the housing market crash that happened a decade ago. Since then, homeownership rates have dropped dramatically in the U.S. and renting rates are increasing with correlating more »

4 Tips to Customer Service This Holiday Season

Published on December 10, 2015

This is a busy time of year. Obviously. We’re all hustling about trying to fit in work deadlines, personal plans and tasks, and we’re trying to make sure that we enjoy the holiday season and that everything looks perfect and “Merry & Bright.” That means that it’s easy for Insurance Agents and customers alike to feel frazzled and short more »

Insure Winter Weddings Now

Published on November 24, 2015

photo credit: Matrimonio Matteo & Beatrice via photopin (license) Did you know that more people get engaged in December than in any other month? And aside from those getting engaged and starting to plan their wedding, are those whose big day is happening FAST. Winter weddings are a growing trend, especially in the more mild climates of our beautiful more »

How To Take a Holiday Break from your work | Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on November 19, 2015

With Thanksgiving next week, the holiday season is about to be in full-swing. This can be a stressful time for anyone, but especially for small business owners like Insurance Agents. If you want to take some time off from your business during the holiday season, there’s good news — it can be done! But, the key is to planning ahead to do more »

Did you know? | Product Highlight – Restaurant Insurance

Published on November 17, 2015

Not only does California grow and provide food for the rest of the country, we eat a lot of it too — not just at homes, but in restaurants.  Restaurants are a major part of California’s economy. Their tax revenues, the jobs they provide, and the ways they feed and are a part of people’s everyday lives make restaurants a staple in our more »

9 Tips Your Customers Should Know About Homeowners Insurance

Published on November 10, 2015

Pass these tips on to your prospective customers so they can be better prepared and more comfortable with their homeowners insurance policy. (See below for info on our wholesale homeowners insurance products available for you through Abram Interstate.) photo credit: Victorian House via photopin (license) As anyone who has ever owned a home knows, more »

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