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Let Your Imagination Run (With The Dinosaurs) – Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on January 19, 2017

How would you run your insurance business if your funds, connections, resources and time were unlimited? How would you market yourself as an insurance agent? How would you network? How would you conduct business? How would you develop relationships with insurance wholesalers and carriers? These may seem like pointless questions because you might be more »

Did you Know? | Incentive Product Highlight: Apartments

Published on August 2, 2016

Did you know? The last U.S. Census (2010) showed that there were almost 27 million rental housing structures with 2-50+ units in the country. UNITS IN STRUCTURE 2 to 4 units 8,347,000 5 to 9 units 5,515,000 10 to 19 units 5,240,000 20 to 49 units 3,707,000 50 or more units 3,905,000 16.8% of California’s population more »

Equine Insurance 101 | Product Highlight

Published on February 23, 2016

At Abram Interstate we cover what matters most to your customers—from Homeowners Insurance to commercial and Agribusiness Insurance. One of the products we help you offer to your clients is our Wholesale Equine Insurance. Whether horses are an integral part of your customers’ business or  just their family, insurance is important. There are more »

Best Small Business Advice | Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on January 28, 2016

In 2013, Business Insider did a special thing — finding and honoring the top small business owners from around the country during the national small business week. Each state voted for one top small business owner, and from those, one top personal was chosen for the nation. In the midst of this process, they interviewed these small business owners. Here more »

More Renters = More Apartment Building Insurance Needs

Published on January 5, 2016

photo credit: Apartments! (Park View Apartments, 25th Avenue and Fulton Street) via photopin (license) The new movie The Big Short that came out over Christmas once again draws our eye to the housing market crash that happened a decade ago. Since then, homeownership rates have dropped dramatically in the U.S. and renting rates are increasing with correlating more »

Insure Winter Weddings Now

Published on November 24, 2015

photo credit: Matrimonio Matteo & Beatrice via photopin (license) Did you know that more people get engaged in December than in any other month? And aside from those getting engaged and starting to plan their wedding, are those whose big day is happening FAST. Winter weddings are a growing trend, especially in the more mild climates of our beautiful more »

Don’t Scare Them – Help Them Understand | Umbrella Insurance

Published on June 30, 2015

Each day brings new possibilities for unfortunate accidents and liability claims. Many people don’t recognize their loss exposures, which can unfortunately result in catastrophic loss and significant financial burden. The following claims scenarios are factual claims that can be used to highlight the real possibility of loss. You can remind your insurance more »

Take your vitamins! Product Highlight: Vitamin Shop Insurance

Published on May 12, 2015

When I was in college, I studied abroad in Switzerland. One of the first things I noticed were these stores every few blocks that had a green plus symbol hanging above their storefronts and the word “Apotheke” emblazoned in green lights below it. I was sharp enough to guess that meant that it was their version of “Apothecary” and that it was more »