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The Things That Fuel Us| Product Highlight Gas Station, Convenience Store, & Liquor Store Insurance

Published on May 16, 2017

Though the taxes on gas just heightened, the last couple years have been good to us across the country with lower gas prices. People have been sharing their low gas prices on social media, and taking more driving trips than they were prone to before. With our recent increase in tax, you and your neighbors may groan, but when it drops next, trends show more »

Professional Liability Insurance in the Tech World | Product Highlight

Published on April 18, 2017

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance? Any profession whose services or product may pose a risk to their recipients if something went wrong. Even aside from the big ones that first come to mind (doctor’s malpractice insurance, lawyers, etc.), there are many professions with exposures that could leave them reeling if they don’t have more »

Nails for the American Dream | Nail Salon Insurance Highlight

Published on January 3, 2017

photo credit: A Touch Above Spa via photopin (license) Living in the U.S.’s Nail Salon capital, here are some stats on the industry and on our wholesale nail salon insurance market. California has more Nail techs than any other state by far. According to Nails Mag Big book, nail salon services were a $8.5 billion industry last year. In California, more »

Not All Umbrellas Are Created Equally | Commercial Umbrella Insurance Product Highlight

Published on November 1, 2016

We’ve talked here before about how valuable an investment umbrella insurance policies can be for your customers. They go above and beyond their existing policy limits, and in a litigious state like California, it’s a no-brainer. The amount of additional coverage your customers get for the low additional premium adds an entire new level more »

Drink Up | Product highlight Bar and Nightclub Insurance

Published on August 16, 2016

Did you know…? The U.S. spends $420 Billion on food and alcohol sales at bars and nightclubs each year (source). The bar and nightclub industry is one that we can’t afford to ignore. AND, they can’t afford to go without the proper Bar and Nightclub Insurance coverage. Many small businesses have holes in their insurance coverage more »

Fashion You’ll Like | Retail Clothing Store Insurance Highlight

Published on June 7, 2016

photo credit: via photopin (license) Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man.” It’s one of our four basic needs: Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter. And among all the states, California has the highest concentration of fashion designers. The last time the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics reported on the topic in 2011, New York state was more »

Calculate Their Risk | Cyber Liability Insurance Product Highlight

Published on April 19, 2016

Do you ever shop online or use your credit card to purchase things in person? Do you sign up for accounts using your personal information? Have you ever had to cancel your credit card because of fraudulent charges? Have you been involved in a class action lawsuit? Chances are you answered yes to one or all of those questions.   We live in a cyber more »

Meet Your Abram Team Members: Chris

Published on March 17, 2016

Chris Perry, Director of Communications Chris joined the Abram Team last year to further our efforts to keep our business flow as fluid as possible. She is one of the lovely voices you’ll hear when you call our office, because it’s a priority to us that you don’t have to go through an automated system to get help. In addition to fielding more »

The life of a restaurant owner | Restaurant & Bar Insurance Product Highlight

Published on March 1, 2016

Part of being a successful insurance agent is not only understanding your customers needs, but understanding your customer, and respecting what they do. When you insure their home or their business, you insure something of great value to them. For millions of Americans, their work days are just that — work days. To a business owner, though, their more »

Did you know? | Product Highlight – Restaurant Insurance

Published on November 17, 2015

Not only does California grow and provide food for the rest of the country, we eat a lot of it too — not just at homes, but in restaurants.  Restaurants are a major part of California’s economy. Their tax revenues, the jobs they provide, and the ways they feed and are a part of people’s everyday lives make restaurants a staple in our more »

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