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Take your vitamins! Product Highlight: Vitamin Shop Insurance

Published on May 12, 2015

apothekeWhen I was in college, I studied abroad in Switzerland. One of the first things I noticed were these stores every few blocks that had a green plus symbol hanging above their storefronts and the word “Apotheke” emblazoned in green lights below it.

I was sharp enough to guess that meant that it was their version of “Apothecary” and that it was something medical, but I wasn’t sure still exactly what that meant that they did.

I had traveled through Greece (where they had the same green sign, but Greek letters), and then Italy (Farmacia), France (Pharmacie) and finally Spain (Farmacia) when I was starting to pick up that they were pharmacies. I know, I’m a bright one. But it was still interesting to me that these cities had as many of these stores as New York has Starbucks. They were everywhere.

Then one day in Spain I got very sick and needed something to help, so I finally ventured into one. With the help of my Spanish friends and my high school Spanish grasp of the language, what I came to realize was that while they did have a few equivalents to what I knew a pharmacy to be, these stores were mostly vitamin shops. Supplements, not sudafeds, lined the aisle-ways. They did not have DayQuil nor know what it was, I was told. But here were some vitamins. Which actually did end up helping.

Now back in the United States, over the past few years I’ve started to notice more vitamin shops popping up around different towns and cities and it’s made me nostalgic for those green plus signs adorning the city shop fronts throughout Europe.  More and more people I know are taking vitamin supplements these days and with the increased demand, more shops are opening. Which is why we can help you insure them.

Vitamin Shop Insurance Highlights:

  • Coverage Enhancement Endorsement
  • BOP / ISO Package form available (General liability & Property)
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Glass Replacement
  • Admitted & Non-admitted markets available

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