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The life of a restaurant owner | Restaurant & Bar Insurance Product Highlight

Published on March 1, 2016

Abram Interstate Wholesale Restaurant Insurance

Part of being a successful insurance agent is not only understanding your customers needs, but understanding your customer, and respecting what they do. When you insure their home or their business, you insure something of great value to them.

For millions of Americans, their work days are just that — work days. To a business owner, though, their work day bleeds in to their nights, and their mornings, and their weekends. Especially if they own a restaurant.

Even if they have good delegation and good boundaries between personal life and work life, restaurant owners work tirelessly on their business, and even when they’re not there, if something goes awry, they’re the ones to handle it.

Take Mari and David, a couple that owns a successful Japanese restaurant. Their days start early in the morning, going over the fresh fish coming in that day, making sure all the cooks and servers scheduled for the day are going to be coming in, buying the supplies they need, getting uniforms from the dry cleaners, and beginning the day’s food prep work after all of that. In the afternoon their cooks show up and begin their own prep work. After that the servers show up and start the tasks of opening the restaurant.

By the time the restaurant opens for it’s dinner hour, Mari and David have been hard at work for what most would consider a full work day.

Their customers come in and ooh and ah over not just the taste of the food prepared, but the presentation. David makes sure the presentation of all of his food is handled as artwork. By the end of the night, they are tired, and after the restaurant closes, and the cooks and servers have cleaned up and clocked out, they sit down with each other for a moment to eat their own dinner before going through paper work and pay roll and inventory and finally heading home.

Their restaurant is their studio. Their food is their work of art. The experience they offer to their customers is their gift to the world. And they love what they do. They need an insurance agent that understands that and that does whatever it takes to get them the restaurant insurance coverage they need. Because at the end of the day, making sure they have the right insurance coverage doesn’t need to be on their list of things to worry about and attend to. Not if they have you to take care of it for them.

As an insurance agent, you get to meet and help many people’s lives carry on and dreams come to life. Help your local community by protecting its beloved bars and restaurants with the right restaurant insurance. We’ll help.

Know someone who’s interested in starting a restaurant? Refer them to these helpful FAQs about starting a restaurant from the money section of About.com.   Then get them the restaurant insurance coverage they need to get started. We have the wholesale restaurant and bar insurance markets you need to do just that.

Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Underwriting Summary

  • Commercial Property, Commercial GL & Liquor Liability on one policy
  • No seasonal operations.
  • Low minimum premiums
  • Up to $5M annual sales at each location.
  • Accounts with Dancing and Entertainment are eligible
  • Hoods, ducts, grease filters, and surface cooking equipment, including deep fat fryers, must be protected by a UL listed automatic fire extinguishing system.
  • Optional Coverages
    • Business income and extra expense.
    • Building owners endorsement
    • Spoilage coverage automatically provided for $5,000.
    • Power PAC Endorsement.
    • Eating establishment endorsement is available as an option (mutually exclusive with Power Pac Endorsement)
    • Restaurant Equipment that is permanently installed is included in the building limit. For tenant occupancy, it should be separately listed as restaurant equipment.

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