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The Sales You Don’t Make | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on December 8, 2016

You’re an Insurance Agent. If you’re the owner of, or work for a smaller agency, your skills and duties may extend far and wide from receptionist, salesperson, office manager, and marketing team. If you’re in a larger agency, you may have a more specified job, but your employment still comes down to one basic need for the business to do well: Sales.

It’s easy to focus on the sales you make. Or the ones you want to make. But let’s talk briefly about the sales you don’t make.

Not even the ones who get your insurance quote for their risk and go with another insurance agent. Let’s talk about the potential customers who never find you.

Here’s a quick example:

Martha owns an Insurance agency. It used to be just her, and she rented a very small storefront in a strip mall. As she’d been in business for 30 years, she’d grown her agency to a small business with a few employees (she doesn’t want to grow to large, and who can blame her). But with the growth, a new building that was built in the lot next door went up for lease and she decided to take the plunge and go for the extra space. Her address changed minutely, from 909 to 915.

Martha knew she needed to change her address listed on google, and one of her younger employees pointed out they needed to change it across all 3 major search engines (yahoo, bing, and google). They did! They were so proud.

But in online reviews that they never looked at, people kept marking their business as “Closed for Business.” Why? Because the building they moved into was new, and Google maps didn’t have a location for that address, so while the address number was updated, on the map itself, it showed the location the same as the old storefront. So when customers tried to go to their agency, they found an abandoned storefront with a “For Lease” sign in the window.

Those were potential sales that never got a chance to be made.

You may be losing out on potential sales without even being aware because of simple things like this — things that are often easy to remedy. The first step is to become aware of how your insurance agency is listed various places, making sure your listings are spelled right and that your contact information is correct, and being aware of the various online business listings that exist (correctly or incorrectly!) for your business already, whether you created them or not.

Don’t lose the sales of people who are looking for you and not finding you.

We’ll go over how to become aware of these business listings, how to manage the content in them, and how to make yourself more “findable” online in this digital age in our upcoming webinar next Tuesday, Dec. 13th!

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