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‘Tis Almost the Season – It’s that Time to Insure Christmas Tree Lots Again!

Published on October 11, 2016

While you walk through the aisles of Walmart, Target, or Costco and start to notice the Christmas decorations coming out before Halloween, many of us can get a little scrouge-y. “It’s barely Fall! Sheesh. They’re turning it into a commercial holiday,” you might say, or maybe you’d overhear it muttered under the breath of a stranger passing by the huge blow-up snowmen.

But while maybe the stores don’t need to carry those items so early (or maybe they do, who knows…) the one place aside from Santa’s workshop that needs to get things lined up before the big Christmas season are the Christmas tree lots.

It’s the start of October and Christmas trees may be far from your mind, but the Christmas tree lots in your area are starting to plan their season, and they’ll need Christmas tree lot insurance that YOU can provide for them with our help!

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We have a great Christmas tree lot insurance product for you and your customers to utilize to make this coming season merry for all!


Christmas Tree Lot Insurance

General liability Advantages:

  • Flat rates per lot or tent
  • Minimum premiums starting at $350
  • Insured landlords and permits are available at no additional charge
  • No deductible!
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage available
  • Short-term policies available and New Ventures OK!

Make it a Complete Holiday Package with Inland Marine!

  • Coverage for tents, fences and stock
  • Theft coverage included

Dont Forget …

We can also write seasonal mall kiosks and concessionaires for a low general liability minimum premium starting at $500


For more info on Concessionaires and Vendors product: https://www.abraminterstate.com/cr-pdfs/ConcessionaireVendors.pdf


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