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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Tree Lot Insurance

Published on November 11, 2014

It’s almost the “most wonderful time of the year,” and Christmas decor is already popping up in stores. Soon Christmas tree lots will be dotting the scene and you and your family will be heading with hundreds of others to pick out your perfect Christmas tree. But on a Christmas tree lot, as with anywhere, things can go wrong. Which is why they need insurance, and why you’re the one who can get them the coverage they need. That way, the Christmas tree vendors can make sure your family and the other families can get that special tree that makes the season come together without a hitch.

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Christmas Tree Lot Insurance

General liability Advantages:

-Flat rates per lot or tent

-Low minimum premiums ranging from $350-$500

-Premium is fully earned

-Products/completed operations coverage provided

-Additional insured landlords and permits related to premises are available at no additional charge

– No liability deductible

-Hired and non-owned auto liability coverage available

Make it a complete holiday package with inland Marine!

-Coverage for tents, fences and stock

– Theft coverage included

For more info on Concessionaires and Vendors product: https://www.abraminterstate.com/cr-pdfs/ConcessionaireVendors.pdf

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