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To the Veterans: Thank You

Published on November 11, 2013

We at Abram Interstate like to focus on the idea that, in life, tragedy strikes. The unforeseen happens. The blow comes. And in our lives when those things happen, often it changes everything.

Insurance exists to take people, whose lives have been broken somehow by unfortunate events, and to help restore them to a place of wholeness. The event will obviously still affect you, as life always does, but when you’re insured, hopefully the transition back to normal life is as smooth as it could possibly be. It’s the concept behind the phrase, “we’ve got your back.” It doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen. It just means, when it does, we’ll be there.

Today, though, on Veteran’s day, we want to acknowledge that there are hundreds of thousands of men and women in our country who have given and lost things that insurance could never repay, and they did it as a service to us — the people.

To the families and loved ones of service members who have died or been injured, as a company that understands that life comes with loss, we want to extend our compassion — we wish we could bring you back to a place of wholeness. We are so sorry for your loss.

And most of all, we want to thank each and every man and woman who have served in the armed forces, and who have willingly sacrificed for us.  Thank you.


photo credit: DVIDSHUB via photopin cc


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