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California Tree Trimmers Busy With Winter Work | Commercial Insurance Product Highlight

Published on December 10, 2018

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We normally put landscaping to the back of our minds as the seasons shift toward the colder months in California. So it’s easy to overlook the fact that Tree Trimmers are just as active (in fact, more so) during the Fall and Winter months.

2 Reasons Why Tree Work Is Best Performed in Fall/Winter (source):

  • It’s healthier for the trees to be pruned and trimmed when they are dormant during the colder months
  • It’s better for the ecosystem and wildlife because, without the foliage on the trees, and with less active nests being built and lived in, there is less potential to harm wildlife — some of which are actually state protected and could result in citations and fines if handled improperly!

In fact, California has more tree trimming and landscaping workers than any other state.


State Employment(1) Employment per thousand jobs      
California 102,730 6.98      
Florida 70,750 9.49      
Texas 60,080 5.50      
New York 43,270 5.01      
Illinois 34,760 6.09      

How many Tree Trimmers do you Insure? Take a look at your market and start getting the word out on the Insurance you can offer them! Make sure your Tree Trimmer business customers get the proper Insurance Coverage they need this season.

Tree Trimmers Insurance Product Highlights

  • Commercial GL, Property, & Inland Marine Coverage Available 
  • Pesticide or Herbicide coverage available.
  • Blanket Primary Additional Insureds and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation  
  • Pesticide/Herbicide Pollution Coverage  
  • In-Transit Pollution Coverage  ($50,000/$100,000)
  • Broad Contractual Liability coverage
  • Incidental Professional coverage
  • Inland Marine Coverage for Contractor’s Equipment
  • Blanket Primary Additional Insureds and Blanket Waiver of Subrogation available

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