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Up Your SEO Step 3: Yahoo | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on April 7, 2016

Independent Insurance agents like you have a lot on their plate. We get that. And we want to help make your job a little easier and a little better by helping you bring in more (and better) business to your agency with only a few simple (and free) steps.

It’s easy and normal to assume that marketing, and especially Search Engine Optimization is complicated and costly for your small business. While that can be true in some ways, there are a few easy things you can do for free to boost your ranking on search engines right now.

A few weeks we started to share with you how to increase your Search Engine Optimization and to become more easily found in search engine results when people in your area are looking for an insurance agent.

To read about how to make your business more visible on GOOGLE, read part one HERE.

To read about how to make your business more visible on BING, read part two HERE.

Now let’s tackle the last of the big three, Yahoo:

Often times Bing and Yahoo are lumped together because of their ownership and their algorithms. While they largely work together and influence each other, you need to take some specific steps to become findable on Yahoo in addition to (and separately from) Bing.  There are other search engines out in the world, but Google, Bing, and Yahoo should be considered the be three, and they’re the ones you need to be aware of as you try to boost your online presence.

Here’s what you need to do right away to get your insurance agency business more visible on Yahoo (which actually will help to make you more findable on Bing and Google as well)  so that prospective customers find you when they look for an insurance agent in your area.

  1. Go to the Yahoo Free Business Listings Scan HERE.
  2. Type in your business information that it asks for and press the continue button.
  3. The next page you come to will be a thorough list of nearly all of your internet listings for your business (including your listings on other search engines, social medias, review sites, etc.). This can be interesting to browse, but don’t be too concerned about what you see here. Chances are almost 100% that on the right on each of those listings you’ll see the listing as being “not verified through yext.” DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS. THIS IS A SALES TACTIC USED BY YAHOO THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL ABOUT THOSE LISTINGS. What this list IS good for, though, is to show you all of the listings you have online. You can click the link next to each one to see the listing itself on that page (for example, you can see what your google listing looks like, your facebook listing, etc.)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Continue”.
  5. You will be taken to an “Update your listing” page. Fill out all of the information accurately for your business. Make sure that the email address you give is OK to be listed publicly.
  6. Press Continue.
  7. You will now be on a “Select your plan” page which tries to sell you a boosted ranking through yahoo and their partner company, Yext. While you may choose to purchase any of these options, marketing specialists would argue that money in your marketing budget could be better spent elsewhere. What we’re focusing on today are the FREE ways to boost your SEO. So, that being said, scroll down below those options and look for the smaller text button that says: “Claim your Basic Listing Only on Yahoo.”
  8. You will now be on the “Yahoo Basic Listing Checkout” page. Confirm your business listing info and your contact info. Check the boxes to agree to the terms of service and to confirm that you’re not a robot. Press the “Place Order” button. An email will be send to your email address you provided to finalize your listing.

Congratulations! You just became more find-able on the third most used search engine in the country.

To increase your visibility and your SEO even farther for Yahoo and Bing, you can focus on trying to get your customers to review you on Yelp.com, as yelp is factored into Yahoo and Bing’s algorithm for how it bumps search results to the top. Look for a future post about setting up and claiming a Yelp account for your Insurance Agency!

And now that you’ll be easier to find online, make sure you are equipped to meet the needs of your new customers who find you on Google, Bing and Yahoo: Quote Online Now HERE with Abram Interstate, or browse our wholesale insurance products that will meet your customer’s needs at the links provided below.

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