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Up Your SEO Step 4: Google Reviews | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on April 21, 2016

Welcome back to our business tip series for how you (independent Insurance Agents) and your insurance agency can become more “find-able” on the internet. If you go to a search engine like google and type in the name of your agency, don’t be too proud if your company shows up as the top result.

Many small businesses receive calls regularly from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing companies explaining how they will help that business become number one on google. Sometimes, small business owners feel like they don’t need those services because when they google their company’s name, their company is already the top result in the search.

This is faulty thinking. If your company is the top result when your company named is searched, that’s a great start, but not a great end. (If your company is NOT the first result that comes up, we suggest these easy, free steps listed in the previous posts in this blog series to help you become number one in that arena: READ Part 1 (Google), Part 2 (Bing), and Part 3 (Yahoo)).

The realty is, when your run-of-the-mill average Joe of your town is looking for insurance, they’re not going to go to google and type in your name unless you’ve already done some great marketing and they 1) know of you, 2) remember you, and 3) have your company name accurate enough to search for it.

What they’re going to do is go to google or another search engine and type in generic terms like “Insurance agents in ____, CA” — or something even less specific. That’s what SEO marketing agency’s are trying to promise (and they can do a good job, though some of them don’t, and they can be quite costly).

SEO is about getting your company to become “find-able” online, not just when your company’s name is searched, but when someone is looking for an insurance agent in your area of expertise in your area.

One of the biggest things that can help your search engine rankings is getting reviewed by your customers.  Each search engine factors in reviews for your business differently into their algorithm, so we’ll tackle them one by one.

First: Google Reviews

Google (again, by far the largest and widest used search engine in the world) ranks businesses higher when they have more (and better) GOOGLE reviews.

If you went through the steps listed in Part 1 of this series on upping your SEO, then you registered as a verified business with Google. That’s the first step to this process. Once you’re a verified business, then you can not only receive reviews, but you can also respond to them via your Business’ Google+ page (in the case of any unhappy customers that you would like to address directly in a public reply to their comment, so others can see you handling bad situations and making them right, or addressing faulty claims — or in the case of just responding to customers thanking them for reviewing you etc.)

Encourage customers to leave reviews for you on google. When they search your business name and city, your listing will pop up with an option for them to review your business. Ask them for their honest feedback and be open to some criticism. The more google reviews you receive, the higher your ranking will be in the search results, but Google will flag and remove reviews that seem fake, that come from the same IP address (so multiple reviews cannot come from the same computer), or that appear to have been bribed (don’t offer your customers incentives for leaving you reviews. The google algorithm is very intelligent and can sense these things pretty easily based on what they know an honest, unbiased review to look like.).

Reviews on google will act like a long-lasting buoy for your business, constantly helping you gain some floating ability to stay nearer to the top than businesses without google reviews.

Congratulations! You just became more find-able without spending a dime.

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