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Use This Risk Calculator for Your Customers | Personal Umbrella Insurance Product Highlight

Published on September 9, 2019

Did you know…?

  • Last year there were 774,202 civil lawsuit cases filed in California.

  • Of those, only one fifth of the cases were for small enough amounts to be considered “small claims” cases for reparations of $10,000 or less.

  • Over 200,000 of those cases were seeking more than $25,000.

  • California has been ranked in the top two most litigious states in the nation for the past 6, and in the top 10 since 2010. (source)

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The high litigation climate in our beautiful state of California makes life a little more precarious for those with insurance exposures they may not even be aware of. Our Wholesale Personal Umbrella Insurance can help your insurance customers feel safe and secure, even in the land of lawsuits in California.

Here’s some tools to help your customers understand their exposure without Personal Umbrella Insurance and to know if our low-premium product could be a wise choice to provide them with peace of mind and protection throughout many areas of their lives.

If any of the following pertain to your insurance customers, they could benefit from Personal Umbrella Insurance:

  • Their assets are greater than their insurance liability limits.
  • They are financially responsible for children.
  • They frequently host guests on their property.
  • Their residence includes a swimming pool.
  • They own watercraft or off-road vehicles.
  • They own rental or vacation properties.
  • They participate in volunteer activities.

Have your insurance customers take a jaunt through this risk calculator sheet below. (Click Here to view and print as a pdf document)

Personal Umbrella Insurance Highlights:

  • Can be written as part of a home and auto package or as stand alone policies
  • Low Minimum Premiums
  • Unlimited number of autos, RVs and watercraft up to 75’
  • Up to fifteen 1-4 family residential locations
  • Limits up to $10 million

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