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Wedding Bells are Ringing | Wedding Insurance season is here

Published on April 7, 2015

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At Easter brunch I sat with an engaged couple and one of their groomsmen. The conversation was quickly taken over by the talk of upcoming nuptials. They had just been to a couple breweries the day scouting out a good location for engagement pictures. “Is that a thing?” their older cousin asked.

“What,” they responded, “engagement photos?”

“Yeah, is that a normal thing people do now?” she inquired.

If you’re wondering along with her — yes, engagement photos are pretty standard these days.

The things that make up a wedding are continually growing and changing, but one thing doesn’t have to: your ability to help these couples protect the day they’ve put enormous amounts of efforts into with Special Events insurance specifically for weddings. You can protect the day they’ve been looking forward to. The day where their friends and family will gather to watch them start a life together. The day they’ll always remember.

If your potential clients need a little more information about why they might want wedding insurance and how it can benefit them, here’s a great article on theknot.com (go-to website for all things wedding): Wedding Insurance 101


Wedding Insurance Product Highlights:

  • Designed to cover General Liability, Liquor Liability or both
  • Admitted A.M. Best A++ paper
  • Host Liquor Liability available in most states when purchasedwith the General Liability
  •  Products offer separate limits for Host Liquor Liability and General Liability exposures
  • Food and beverage products liability provided
  • Medical payments coverage provided
  • Damage to rented premises provided
  • Personal & Advertising Injury provided
  • Property owner may be included as additional insured at no charge
  • Automatic coverage for volunteers, temporary or leased workers, and committee members




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