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What do Vacant Property Insurance Policies Cover? | Product Highlight

Published on December 27, 2016

Wholesale Vacant Property insurance CA

Houses can be vacant for a number of reasons. An owner could’ve moved out but not sold the home yet. The house could be under renovation. Maybe the owners decided to go to Paris for six months like they’ve always talked about doing.

Whatever the case for the vacancy, Homeowners or Commercial Property Insurance policies don’t extend to vacant dwellings or vacant properties, so when a vacancy occurs, your insurance customers need to know that a different coverage is needed.

To help you and your potential customers, here’s the info laid out to make it easy to understand what a vacant home policy entails.


Abram Interstate wholesale vacant property insurance CA

Abram Interstate works to help you offer the optional Vacant Property Insurance coverages that make sense for your customers. This enables you to give them the best vacant property policy specifically suited to their needs.

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