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Answer The Phone | Business Tips for Insurance Agents

Published on July 7, 2016

phone rageA couple months back, we did a series of blog posts on how to boost your SEO and become more “findable” online. When people turn to the internet to try to find an insurance agent near them, we want you to pop up fairly easily.

But once they actually find your business online, a lot of them will want more than some info pages or online quotes. A lot of your potential customers will be looking for your phone number so they can talk to a real person to get help and answers — mostly because when it comes to Insurance, the general public need help to even understand what type of coverage they need. That’s why they’re looking for someone like you.

So, once they call your office, what do they get? What kind of impression does your Insurance Agency make over the phone. There’s probably room for improvement.

Cameron Herold, writer of BackPocket COO, has 4 good tips for standing out in the Insurance world when customers call:

  1. WOW The Customer.  Don’t meet their expectations – BLOW THEM AWAY.
  2. Ask For “The Order.”  Twice if you have to.  People call because they want to buy.  Sell them.
  3. Handle Objections.  Expect them.  Draw them out.
  4. Finish With A Hug.  Make sure the customer knows you REALLY appreciate them.

If you’re not doing those four things really well on EVERY call.  Then that’s what you need to focus on.  And if you are doing those on every call.  You’re killing the competition.

We at Abram Interstate couldn’t agree more.  If you want your agency to stand out… become great at customer service — and that starts with answering your customer calls, and doing it well.

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