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Who Needs Dwelling Fire Insurance? Help your Customers Understand

Published on April 17, 2018

Your average Insurance customer may not know about Dwelling Fire Insurance, what it is, or if that’s what they need. Once they come to you, you can help them sort that part out.

But to get them in the door, help them understand exactly who Dwelling Fire Insurance is for with these easy bullet points.

Dwelling Fire Insurance Policies are for:

  • People who own a vacation property that is not their main residence. For this secondary residence, where they don’t keep all of their possessions like in their primary residence, it may make more sense for them to have a dwelling fire insurance policy rather than a traditional homeowners insurance policy. For that cabin in Tahoe they own? Probably a dwelling fire policy is the best suited coverage for their needs.

  • People who own rental properties. Whether it’s your neighbor who owns one other house  that he rents to some college kids, or whether it’s the owner of 50 properties throughout town — your customers with rental properties need dwelling fire insurance for those risks. In this case, the policy will still protect the property that they own, without covering the contents of the house (that renters should get covered through rental insurance). This is called a tenant-occupied dwelling.
  • People who own the house and dwell in it, but for some reason they do not qualify for a Homeowners Insurance policy. Dwelling Fire policies might be necessary if the homeowner has bad credit, or if the property has past claims or poor property conditions that exclude it from the possibility of a Homeowners insurance policy. In this instance customer would need “Owner Occupied Dwelling Fire Insurance”

Dwelling Fire Insurance:

A+ Rated, Admitted & Non-Admitted

*Coverage for High Value secondary homes and vacation homes also acceptable

DP-1 and DP-3 available on owner or tenant occupied dwellings with limits from $50,000 to $50,000,000.

Programs available For:

  • All Protection Classes Acceptable
  • Seasonals/Secondary/Vacation Rentals
  • Named Insured as LLC, Trust, or Corporation
  • Older Homes (w/ updates)
  • Lower Value Gomes that are Well Maintained
  • Risks With Lapses
  • Risks With Multiple Losses
  • Extended Replacement Cost Available (Restrictions Apply)
  • Large Acreage (Personal Use)
  • Light Renovation Work Acceptable (Contact Underwriter)

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