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Bob Needs Equine Insurance. Do your customers?

Published on February 27, 2014

Who needs Equine Insurance?

Here’s a couple scenarios:

Bob’s daughter, Betty, wants a horse.  She’s been taking riding lessons and she’s getting quite good. Bob crunches the numbers, looks at their property, and decides that they can afford to get a horse. He sections off a corral in their large yard. They get the horse and everything they need to be responsible horse owners.  Betty is over the moon about it and is ready to vote Bob “best dad of the decade.”

There’s just one thing Bob didn’t think of: He didn’t notify his insurance company or check to see if his homeowner’s insurance policy would cover a horse. Why would he? It’s just a pet, right?


And unfortunately for Bob, his insurance, like most homeowner’s policies, does NOT allow for a horse on the property.

Luckily, you’re Bob’s insurance agent, and through conversations with Bob he learns about the protection he needs to keep his property, his horse, his daughter and others safe and covered.

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Later on, Bob builds a stable with 4 stalls. He has two horses now, so he has 2 stalls empty.  He and his wife have friends who also have horses, and they ask Bob if they could pay him a small amount to keep their horses in his stables.  They’ll muck the stalls, take care of them etc. and it will give Bob a little bit of extra cash for the stalls that otherwise just sit empty.  Bob loves the idea, they get the horses in, and because of the previous equine mortality policy Bob bought, he thinks he’s probably covered for more horses, but he wants to check with you, his agent just in case.

It’s good that he did because for this type of transaction, Bob now needs a policy that covers a broader range of things, including Care, Custody and Control.  Otherwise, he is not covered when damage happens to the non-owned horse, and he could be held liable if anything happened to someone because of the non-owned horses. What seemed like a simple, innocent arrangement between friends has the potential to do great damage to Bob and his family’s assets if he didn’t get the proper coverage.

You, his agent, know just what he needs though, and you know just where to get it. Luckily, you know that we at Abram Interstate Insurance Services have been helping agents place farm and ranch package business, and equine insurance business since 1996.

After all, we want Bob to not get nominated Dad or Neighbor of the year, still. We’re here to help you, so that you can help Bob. And his daughter, Betty, well she never knows the difference, because life with her horse is wonderful, and she doesn’t have to worry because her awesome dad took care of everything. And you helped make that happen.


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