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Incentive Highlight: Restaurant Insurance Markets

Published on September 11, 2014

Are you having difficulty finding wholesale restaurant insurance to meet your customers needs?

Brian owns a cafe that everyone in town loves. It’s actually a new venture as a second location to his original coffee shop that’s on the main drag in a small northern California town. You know, those towns that have a good about of people, but still don’t have Starbucks? That kind of town. He’s had the coffee shop open for about 5 years now and has more than a handful of loyal daily customers. The town has always been good to good-quality, locally owned coffee shops, and Brian’s is no different. His father was a cook for years as he was growing up, so he knows the ins and outs of the restaurant and food service business, which is really what has made him successful in this venture.

So now he has recently opened up a cafe under the same name as the coffee shop. It has all the same coffee expertise, plus an extensive and delicious food menu. Customers are thrilled as the new location is closer to the residential areas where many of them live. But one day, someone crashes into a power line in the nearby residential sector, and the power is off for hours before the electric company can get the lines restored and the power back on. By then, the fully-stocked cafe has had all of it’s refrigerated food spoiled. To a newly opened cafe, this could be a significant loss, perhaps even enough to put them out of business when they are just on the brink of expanding their dream in this new way.

But Brian had restaurant insurance that had spoilage coverage. So he and his new cafe are still OK, and his customers are still happy to have a new favorite lunch spot.

You can be the agent that gets the Brian’s of the world the restaurant insurance coverage they need to be protected from events like this.

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We have admitted and non-admitted wholesale restaurant insurance markets to meet your needs!

And right now, we have a Fall Incentive Program that includes Restaurants (and more) written with Travelers. Now you can bind these policies and earn even more! But Hurry, time is limited.

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-Deductibles starting at $500
-ability to write Restaurants with or without liquor lability
– Package: Property and general liability
Optional Coverages:
-Business income and extra expense
– Building owner’s endorsement
– Spoilage coverage automatically provided for $5,000
– Power PAC Endorsement
– Eating establishment endorsement is available as an options (mutually exclusive with Power Pac Endorsement)
– Restaurant Equipment that is permanently installed is included in the building limit. For tenant occupancy, it should be separately listed as restaurant equipment.


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