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Who’s Your Mechanic? Insure them! | Auto Repair Garage Insurance

Published on November 8, 2016


Where do you take your car when you need a tune-up?

Unless you do all of your own car work, many people tend to find an auto repair garage they trust, and they continue to go there indefinitely for their car needs.

Many of these auto repair garages are small businesses, but even with that being the case, about a quarter of auto shops in the country make over $1,000,000 gross income each year according to marketing expert, Brandon Gaille. And no matter what they make, you have a natural in with small operations as an independent insurance agent. You know small businesses because you are part of one too – that’s credibility. And just like everyone wants recommendations for a “good auto shop” — small business owners are often looking to their friends and family for a recommendation for a “good insurance agent.”

We at Abram Interstate have a wholesale garage insurance market just for you and your prospective customers.

Gaille’s statistics show that the highest number of employees in the auto industry are working in Automotive Repair and Maintenance in California. That’s good news for you:

Top 5 Sectors of Highest Employment

1. Automotive Repair and Maintenance – 224,150 employees
2. Automobile Dealers – 201,910 employees
3. Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Stores – 59,670 employees
4. Local Government – 18,780 employees
5. Gasoline Stations – $18,720 employees

Top 5 States with Highest Employment Level

1. California – 54,700 jobs
2. Texas – 45,470 jobs
3. Florida – 37,000 jobs
4. New York – 35,090 jobs
5. Pennsylvania – 32,820 jobs

We’ll help you insure them.

Wholesale Auto Repair Garage Insurance Highlights with Abram:

  • Repair shops; vehicle sales up to 15 annually acceptable
  • Towing services possible
  • Tire sales permitted if revenue does not exceed 25% of total annual revenue.
  • Spray painting operations accepted
  • Welding area accepted if up to standards
  • Deductibles starting at $500

Optional Coverages

  • GaragePac affords the following coverage:Business personal property which includes employee tools and equipment.
    $25,000 Motor Vehicle Damage to leased buildings
  • Broad form products coverage is available as an option.
  • Business income available

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