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You Insure Wineries, Everybody Wins | Vineyard & Winery Insurance Product Highlight

Published on August 15, 2017

Wine aficionados can tell you about the notes, the tones, the “melodies” and the “hints,” when it comes to describing a particular wine. They can also tell you where the best wines come from — from Italy, France, Spain, and, of course from California.

While American culture tends to idealize products from other places, wine is the exception. California does wine as well as, or better than, anywhere else in the world.

And it turns out, the industry created by California wineries and vineyards does not just help our meals become more delicious, it helps our economy too. Check out this information from the Wine Institute on how wine improves the state and the national economies.

Wholesale winery insurance, wholesale vineyard insurance CAIt’s a no-brainer that Winery Insurance and Vineyard Insurance are necessary commodities in California. With such a large share of the wine industry market in our backyard, it’s a win win situation when those wineries get the insurance coverage they need.

It’s also a no-brainer that you could be the Insurance Agent who insures those risks. Abram Interstate has an incredible wholesale winery insurance product and Wholesale vineyard Insurance product for your customers.

You can increase your business by insuring their risks, which makes you happy.

They can feel safe knowing their wineries and vineyards are covered, which makes them happy.

And the wine can continue to be made, which makes the world happy.

We told you, it’s a win-win(-win) situation.

Wineries Product Highlights

Underwriting Summary

  • Buildings, Business Personal Property, Wine Stock, Machinery & Equipment, Farm Buildings, Dwellings, Tasting Rooms, Warehouses, Leakage, Contamination, Equipment Breakdown, Specialized Wine Valuation, Special Events, Liquor Liability, Chemical Drift Liability, Limited Farm Pollution Liability, Premises Liability, Personal Liability, Cyber Risk, EPLI and more
  • Customized coverage exclusively for wineries

Optional Coverages

  • Auto Package

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